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Rainhall improves the way you connect with brands globally and buy branded products for your store. Over 2,000 brands have pre-registered to invite you to view their products upon our launch.

You will be able to navigate with ease by your interests through the 20,000+ products without the need to leave your seat.
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Category Focused Sourcing

Rainhall displays products based on your interests.

Rainhall will learn from your interests and will help to display products specific to your category. You can also search to directly find what you need and compare costs with various brand suppliers. You can even filter by minimum order quantity.

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How Can Rainhall Steamline Your Buying?

Global Reach

Reach brands from across the World rather than sourcing from national tradeshows.

24/7 Easy Ordering

Order products for your store anytime, anywhere with ease on our secure online checkout which protects you as a buyer.


Fast, easy and direct communication with your suppliers. Talk online, via phone, meet at tradeshows or at showrooms.


Get quick access to product information and imagery on products you stock or plan to stock for your store.

Supplier Ratings

See if the supplier your about to work with has a good reputation.

Secure Payment

Rainhall offers efficient & secure payment solutions that allows you to pay multiple brands in one checkout securely.

Over 2000 brands pre-registered to show you their products!

Global Online Tradeshow

Rainhall displays products based on your interests.

Save time and money by browsing branded products online and directly what you are looking for.

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Rainhall Product Analytics

Detailed product sales performance analytics to help you improve you’re buying experience and avoid slow selling product lines.

Improve Performance

Rainhall allows you as a buyer to see the performance of the product and identify trends early to give you a competitive advantage. The comprehensive analytics allows you to improve your performance within your company to help grow yourself and the company at no cost. The product analytics offer you to identify whether a product is a strong performing product for other stores and whether it carries a high re-order rate.

Slow Selling Products

Rainhall analytics identifies slow selling product lines allowing you to reduce slow selling products and improve customer experience within your store. It will also help reduce the need for clearing stock & potentially losing money by clearing stock that has not sold well.

Increase Your Top Sellers

Rainhall shows you products that perform well for other stores. We collate data from our members and display it in a confidential way to all Rainhall members that allow you to have an edge over your competition and have the ability to identify top sellers.

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