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Rainhall is the new tradeshow – online. Meet and connect with 5,000 buyers globally and grow your brand.

We have over 2,000 brands and 5,000 buyers that have pre-registered to view your brand upon Rainhall launch.

New Customer Acquisition

Rainhall allows you to save thousands on tradeshows whilst acquiring new customers

Sell directly to new customers across the globe and have support from Rainhall’s team of logistics and international trade experts.

No upfront costs.

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How Can Rainhall Steamline Your Buying?

Be A Part of It

Be a part of a global movement for brands in your industry selling to buyers across the world and generate sales from new buyers and stores you’re not already working with.

Boost Your Sales

Have immediate access to over 5000 buyers upon launch of Rainhall.

Acquisition of New Customers

Sell directly to new customers across the globe and have support from Rainhall’s team of logistics and international trade experts.

Order Processing

Rainhall offers a 24/7 fast, easy and secure ordering process for you and your buyers. Allowing buyers to order from you from anywhere at any time.

Direct Account Manager

Access to a direct account manager who will take time to get to know your brand and will help you boost your sales on Rainhall, add new products to our system, give you information on new potential buyers and advice on export logistics.

Low Fees

No upfront costs, only pay on paid sales. 5% commission (after your 6 months free) plus payment processing fees (1-2% on average).

Over 2000 brands pre-registered to show you their products!

Save Cost on Tradeshows

Rainhall allows you to save thousands on tradeshows.

Save money on expensive tradeshows. Communicate and meet new buyers internationally without extreme travel expenses and stand costs.

0% Commission for 6 months

Our benefits just continue...

Rainhall offers a range of benefits for your business that you can't refuse!

Quick, Secure Payment

Rainhall offers efficient & secure escrow payment solution that allows the buyer to pay immediately and for the funds to be released to you upon the buyer’s receipt of goods.

Risk Free Transaction

Rainhall reduces the risk of your day-to-day business with buyers by offering the buyer a secure immediate payment via escrow. This allows you as a brand to have quick & secure payment service as the funds will be released upon the buyer’s receipt of the goods.

Concentrate on creating great products

Continue making great products rather than worrying about sales, tradeshows and marketing. Rainhall can help you to manage these all within our portal.

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